Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Google need to pay for the contents?

The way google make money is in a way like using tons of users contents with no cost. This lady from Zdnet blog said something about it.

Why then does Wall Street darling, $140 billion market cap, 29% profit margin Google wantonly “make money solely on the backs of other people’s content,” without paying for it, as Thomas Rubin, Associate General Counsel for Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Secrets, Microsoft decried today at the Association of American Publishers Annual Meeting. I have asked just such a thing, many a time, at this Digital Markets Blog and in my recent Fast Company Magazine Google debate.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cisco gives Apple 15days to respond to iPhone trademark lawsuit

Cisco goes very generous to give apple more time to respond to iPhone trademark lawsuit.

The fact that Apple never signed final agreement regarding the trademark thingy. Cisco claimed that Steve Jobs gave out iPhone to the public without Cisco's permission to use the name iPhone.

I really don't know who deserve the name but most likely Apple will get the name with some money or a lot of money.

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