Monday, August 07, 2006

AOL Released Search Data, Apologizes

The data was made open to the public inadvertently Monday morning, apparently posted for research purposes on its website, Intended for researchers only, the company took the link down after it realized anyone could access it.
Isn't that funny?

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Limewire Sued by Top Music Companies for Piracy

Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI Group Plc, and Warner Music Group Corp. filed the suit in Manhattan federal court. The suit seeks $150,000 in damages for every song �willfully infringed� by New York-based Lime Wire LLC.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

SanDisk and Toshiba to Build Memory Plant

Toshiba, the world's fourth-largest microchip maker, and California-based SanDisk, the world's largest flash memory data storage cards, will first spend about $5.2 billion to build the new NAND-flash memory plant in Japan.
Why in Japan?

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

What's up Napster ? Napster May Sell in face of Losses

So sad. Back in the days I could get lots of decent music from you guys.
* Napster painted a gloomy outlook for its online music service during a conference call with analysts on Wednesday.Napster loss $9.8 million the first quarter, an improvement from the $19.9 million loss recorded a year earlier.

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AOL to Slashes 5,000 Jobs

lol , Freebie strategy just don't work.
Poor 5000 employees.
What will they get ? Old AOL install cds maybe?

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Google, Real, Mozilla in cross-promotion pact

Real agreed to distribute the Mozilla Firefox browser together with the Google Toolbar along with Real's RealPlayer audio and video playback software.In recent months, Google has set deals with PC maker Dell Inc. (DELL.O) and software maker Adobe Systems Inc.
Google is still very hungry.

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AOL Moves to Free Web Services

AOL will be offering its services, such as e-mail and anti-spam software, for free to broadband users.
The free services offer is part of AOL’s strategy to boost its online advertising revenue by redirecting traffic to its websites.

In the second quarter AOL, recorded a fall in revenue of 2 percent from $2.097 billion in the same quarter last year to $2.046 billion this year. The slight decline was attributable to a fall in subscriber revenue; due primarily to a decrease in the domestic AOL brand subscribers. As of June 30, 2006, the AOL service totaled 17.7 million U.S. members, a decline of 976,000 from the prior quarter and 3.1 million from the year-ago quarter.

A 40 percent decline of $129 million decline in online marketset this 11 percent decline in subscriber revenue was a 40 percent or $129 million rise in online advertising.

Time Warner President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Bewkes said: “The next logical step for AOL (is) to capitalize further on the explosive rise in broadband usage and online advertising. With its robust and rapidly expanding advertising operation, we expect to put AOL back on a growth path.”

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Doing Business in Africa is not easy : Watch out Malaria guys.

You better have shot before you go Africa.
It's good to make money from Africa but still danger is everywhere.
Does anybody know free diamond cave in Africa?

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Microsoft: Not Just a PC Wonder

As the debate rages over what additional features Microsoft's upcoming products needs to beat the iPod, investors are also pondering whether developing it will be a worthwhile investment. After unveiling its strategy to dive deeper into the portable entertainment market on Thursday, Wall Street�s reaction was a thumbs down share price fell

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IBM Teams up with AMD to Introduce New Servers

That's very interesting. IBM with AMD can be a strong team.
Dell was criticized about their low quality AMD servers. I hope IBM will do better with AMD.

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The True Power of the Blog

we are dealing with here has implications well beyond business, marketing, and money. We now have the tools to make a difference in all sorts of ways that used to be impossible for "regular" folks.

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Verizon 2Q profit falls 24 Percent

Second-quarter profits fell 24 percent at Verizon Communications Inc., weighed down by labor and merger expenses, but the results exceeded most forecasts as the telephone company's cellular and broadband Internet businesses posted more strong growth.

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IBM to use AMD processors in new servers

The announcement is a boost for AMD as it hopes to maintain momentum against a raft of new chips from Intel. Dell Inc., the world's biggest personal computer maker, in May said it planned to use AMD's Opteron processors in high-end server computers by the end of the year, ending a 22-year exclusive relationship with Intel.

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