Monday, October 02, 2006

To be "gay" to own a "Zune", what a disaster.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced pricing and release dates for its anticipated Zune portable media player. Once thought to be the greatest threat to Apple's dominant iPod lines, some experts now contend that the device will do more damage to Microsoft partners instead. Comment by lopla on 9/29/06
OMG, my 17 yr old stepson and I started talking about the Zune. He said he's getting a nano for Christmas and his friend Jeremy was going to get a Zune until his friends started calling him a "Zunetard" and laughing at him, this is not looking good for MS.. It's actually going to be "gay" to own a "Zune", what a disaster.

Man, this is harsh. Even though I think Zune is not yet ready for compete with ipods.

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